Example Scope: Peer Review

Baseline Assessment Approach

IT Ops is in the business of providing sophisticated systems solutions and services to support the business activities of the International Media Corporation’s user base.  Interruptions and delays to these services can range from minor annoyance to critical business interruptions.  Reducing the number and severity of these incidents is a primary mission of the IT Ops team to provide world class, uninterrupted services to the International Media Corporation’s user community and ensure the successful execution of business critical activities.

In recognition of this and to respond to increasingly complex service incidents, the IT Ops team has proposed to look at internal practices and align them with industry best practices.  International Media Corporation’s IT Operations (“IT Ops”) group has engaged Service Delivery Solutions to assist with the completion of the project entitled “IT Operations Incident & Knowledge Management Project – Phase 1”. The basic scope of this project is to create an administrative “template” for the implementation of ITIL-themed Incident Management (“IM”) and Knowledge Management (“KM”) programs, as part of IT Ops’ current service delivery model.  Particular emphasis is being paid to balancing two themes throughout this engagement:

  1. All recommendations will recognize the need to align solutions for Incident and Knowledge Management with a right sized approached to the organization and business culture. The work performed during this effort will leverage the official guidance of ITIL 2011 as a framework to be undertaken with the intent of refining IM and KM processes in a way that is a “best fit” for TW IT Operations.
  2. In advocating for the introduction of new (or modification of existing) practices, the concept of economy and efficient use of existing IT staffing resources will be central to all of Service Delivery Solutions’s recommendations.

The concepts of momentum and early success are key to the proper implementation of any elements of the ITIL framework. Creating IM and KM programs that can be easily integrated into the current IT Ops environment – relying upon existing resources using modified practices – will generate enthusiasm among process contributors. The energy and positive results from such an approach will allow for repeatable and measurable success. This, in turn, sets the stage for expansion of the ITIL-themed process improvement program within IT Ops into other areas (Asset/Configuration Management, Change Management, Problem Management, etc.).