Dynamic Teams make for Exponential Returns

The Service Delivery Solutions environment is the best of all worlds: providing the unique combination of unlimited growth, constant mentorship and creative freedom typical of entrepreneurial startups but with the support, infrastructure and experience of a well established firm. Working at SDS is a challenging career. The work is dynamic; fast paced, requires a high degree of ownership and commands impeccable accountability. At the same time the SDS culture of teamwork and support means that no individual is ever working as a silo. New hires benefit from constant mentorship and support from management and division leaders as well as ongoing support through weekly coach and counseling and project guidance sessions.

At SDS, we firmly believe in providing high quality services that have sustainable benefit to our clients, service that starts at home in our own organization. At SDS we are not merely coworkers, but friends – As we seek to serve and support our clients we also look to serve and support each other.

What we’re looking for:

  • Competency (Expertise & Creativity)
  • Capability (Business acumen : revenue – costs = profit)
  • Chemistry (how well do you mix, mingle and match with other people)
  • Commitment (willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve success)